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Journey begins in 1994

Crown Cement PLC. (formerly known as M. I. Cement Factory Limited), the parent company of Crown Cement Group, is one of the leading manufacturers of cement in Bangladesh. Crown Cement PLC. is a Public Limited Company that commenced its adventurous journey in Bangladesh with the dedication of providing high quality cement to the country on December 31, 1994.

Journey begins in 1994

Starting from 600tpd to 11,000tpd

Initially, the plant was installed with a capacity of producing 600tpd (ton per day) of Portland Cement. With the passing of time, demand for Crown Cement increased day-by-day. By dint of quality, soon Crown Cement gained reputation and acceptability home and abroad. So, the Sponsors expanded the project gradually four times.

The 2nd Unit started in 2002 with a production capacity of 800tpd, the 3rd Unit in 2008 of 1,400tpd, the 4th Unit in 2011 of 3,000tpd and the 5th Unit in 2017 of 5,200tpd to take the total production capacity to 11,000tpd i.e. 3.3 million metric ton per annum.

Starting from 600tpd to 11,000tpd

Listing with the Stock Exchanges

The Company has been listed with the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. and the Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. in 2011 through Initial Public Offering (IPO) by using the “book-building” method in an effort to make a contribution to the development of the capital market. Its high growth agenda have been highly appreciated by the Shareholders and have won the Investors’ confidence.

Listing with the Stock Exchanges

Backward & Forward Linkage

The company’s backward and forward integration endeavors have given new dimensions to its growth platform. With this end in view, the associate industrial units such as Crown Polymers Bagging Ltd., Crown Power Generation Ltd., Crown Mariners Ltd., Crown Transportation & Logistics Ltd. and Crown Cement Concrete & Building Products Ltd. have been set up and are in operation.

It acquired 4 (four) Handy Max size Ocean Going Ships to facilitate transportation of raw materials from abroad, from which 1 (one) has sold subsequently. It is hopefully expected that these new growth platforms will facilitate creation of new dimensions and frontiers to the mother company Crown Cement PLC.

Backward & Forward Linkage

Pioneer in Export of Cement

Crown Cement PLC. pioneered in cement export in 2003 and paved the way for earning hard-earned foreign currency. It is the largest cement exporter in Bangladesh with around 50% market share of cement exported from Bangladesh. The major export market of Crown Cement is the Northeastern States of India including Tripura, Meghalaya, and the Eastern and Western regions of Assam.

The company has achieved National Export Trophy for the fiscal years 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2013-14 for its extraordinary contribution to the country’s economy through foreign currency earnings. Crown Cement PLC. is the only company that has won the National Export Trophy thrice in the history of Cement Export of Bangladesh.

Pioneer in Export of Cement



Company Milestones

  • Launching of the first riverine loading and unloading unit at Kazir Hat, Aminpur, Bera in Pabna.

    Achieved ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2020.

    Achieved ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2019.

  • Launched operation of 5th unit with a production capacity of 5,200MT/Day.

    Received National Export Trophy (Bronze) for the financial year 2013-14.

    The third and Fourth ocean-going vessels (Crown Vision and Crown Virtue) with a transport capacity of 50,913MT and 51,008MT respectively have been added to the fleet.

    Implementation of SAP software.

  • Achieved ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2016.

  • Procured the second ocean-going vessel (Crown Victory) with a carrying capacity of 43,980MT for transportation of raw materials.

    Achieved ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2015.

  • Achieved ICMAB Best Corporate Award-2014.

  • Inauguration of Crown Cement Concrete and Building Products Ltd. (Crown Cement Ready Mix Concrete) with a production capacity of 42,000cft concrete per day.

    Establishment of Crown Polymer Bagging Limited.

    Launching of Concrete Research and Testing Lab to reach the peak of quality construction.

  • Procured the first ocean-going vessel (Crown Voyager) with a transport capacity of 46,604MT for the transportation of raw materials.

    Crown Mariners Ltd. started its journey.

  • Launched operation of 4th unit with a production capacity of 3,000MT/Day.

  • Received National Export Trophy (Gold) for the financial year 2009-10.

  • Received National Export Trophy (Gold) for the financial year 2008-09.

  • Launched operation of 3rd unit with a production capacity of 1,400MT/Day.

  • Launched operation of 2nd unit with a production capacity of 800MT/Day.

  • Started commercial operation with a production capacity of 600MT/Day.

  • Incorporated as a public limited company.

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