M.I. Cement Factory Ltd. (Crown Cement) has been conducting countrywide research called “Study on Cement End Users’ & Traders’ ” for the last four years. As part of this program, a similar research study was conducted at the entire Dhaka district in last September and October 2019. Some selected students from the Marketing department of Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka were engaged as interns to conduct this research work. After successful completion of the research study, Crown Cement gave an internship certificate to each internee student in an event held at seminar hall, Jahir Raihan Auditorium on 9 March 2020. At the same event, Crown Cement also honored twelve senior Teachers by giving away “Award of Excellence in Teaching” recognition. Besides, Crown Cement also honored five competent Engineers of this district by giving away “Award of Excellence in Engineering” recognition.
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