Crown Power Generation Ltd

Crown Power Generation Ltd. is an associate company of Crown Cement PLC, a leading cement manufacturing and exporting company in Bangladesh. The Group’s backward and forward integration endeavors have given new dimensions to its growth platform. With this end in view, the associate industrial units such as Crown Polymers Bagging Ltd., Crown Transportation & Logistics Ltd., Crown Mariners Ltd., Crown Maritime & Shipping Services Ltd., Crown Cement Concrete & Building Materials Ltd and Crown Enterprise have been set up and are in operation.

In addition to the units, Crown Power Generation Ltd. has been set up and is in operation by providing uninterrupted power supply to ensure smooth production of cement at the factory premises at West Mukterpur in Munshiganj. We have 3.60 MW (Rolls Royes, Norway) Captive Power Plant. Besides, we have 16 MW DPDC Power source. We have also set up a 132/33 KV Electric sub-station to face the power crisis.

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