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M. l. Cement approves 10 percent Cash Dividend

M. l. Cement Factory Ltd., which is popularly known as Crown Cement, has approved 10
percent cash dividend for its shareholders for the year ended June 30, 2020.
The approval came at the 26th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company held through
digital platform on December 29,2020.
The financial statements for 2O!9-2O2O and auditors’ report thereon, report of the board of
directors; re-election of directors in term,s of the relevant provisions of the Articles of
Association of the company, appointment of statutory auditors and the corporate governance
compliance auditors for the year ending June 30,2OZt as well as fixation of their remuneration
were approved in the AGM. The proposal of winding up of the 3 fully owned subsidiary
companies of M. l. Cement Factory Ltd. was also approved in the AGM.
Mohammed Jahangir Alam, Chairman of M. l. CEment, presided over the AGM, also attended
by Vice-chairman Md. Alamgir Kabir, Managing Director Molla Mohammad Majnu, Additional
Managing Director Md. Mizanur Rahman Mollah, Director Md. Almas Shimul, lndependent
Directors Zakir Ahmed Khan and Prof. Dr. M. Abu Eusuf, Chief Adviserto the Board Masud
Khan, FCA, FCMA and Chief Executive Officer Md. Mukter Hossain Talukder, FCA.
Sponsor Shareholders Md. Ashrafuzzaman and Md. AbdulAhad, and Chief Financial Officer
(Current Charge) Md. Abdul Kayum, FCMA and other high.officials of the Company were
present in the meeting, conducted by Md. Mozharul lslam, FCS, Sr. General Manager &
Company Secretary.

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