Portland Cement (PC)


As per specification of BDS EN 197-1:2010, CEM-I, 52.5 N Crown Portland Cement is a cement prepared by mixing of Clinker of 95-100% and Gypsum 0-5%. This cement is also called Portland Cement (PC). Clinker is produced by intimate mixing together of calcareous and argillaceous materials, burning them at clinkering temperature up to about 1450-1500°C.

The resulting product (calcined product) is then cooled which is called clinker. It is then ground with gypsum at required fineness to obtain Portland cement. So, it may be said that cement is a finely ground mixture of calcium aluminates and silicates capable of setting and hardening by chemical reaction in presence of water. It is a binding material, which is used in engineering constructions. It is one of the most utilized building materials of the world.


According to the recommendation of Bangladesh Standard Testing Institution -BSTI, Crown cement PLC. produce cement as per BDS EN 197-1:2010 guidelines. In certain cases, based on specific customer requirements ASTM standards also follows.


CEM-I, 52.5 N
Composition: Clinker 95-100%, Gypsum 0-5%

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