Strength of Concrete is the most important thing in your Construction. The degree of strength varies according to the size of the construction structure. And this strength depends on the quality of the concrete you use. Crown Ready Mix Concrete ensures the required and desired level of strength for your building.

Crown Cement Ready Mix Concrete is manufactured with internationally recognized Crown Cement brand and the best quality raw materials. We manufacture and supply a premium quality Ready Mix Concrete by dint of country’s largest RMC manufacturing plant equipped with 93 transit mixture trucks and 24 high performing concrete pumps with one “Boom Pump”.

Why Crown Ready Mix Concrete is the best?
  • Consistent quality assurance through proper control over the highest quality of cement grade, aggregate size, shape and gradation maintaining proper ratio of water, cement and all other ingredients.
  • Less wastage of basic raw materials.
  • Remarkably cost effective even after keeping the high quality.
  • Allows the customer to handle mass concrete casting in a shortest period of time.
  • Controlled production mechanism ensures safe work practices at construction sites.
  • Less project completion time.
Specialties of Crown Cement Ready Mix Concrete
  • Own cement factory with a production capacity of 10000 MT/ day (2,50,000 bags/day)
  • Assurance of accurate measurement
  • Use of only Crown Brand Cement (PC/PCC), interrecognized Bangladeshi Global Cement
  • Own supply chain management for procurement of boulder stone chips, sands and other raw materials
  • Own supply chain management for procurement of boulder stone chips, sands and other raw materials
  • 100% transparent cylinder testing process from randomly collected samples at plants and sites
  • Use of best quality and world class construction chemicals to keep promises of serving you better
Cement Ready Mix Concrete at a glance
  • Operated by visualized production management software & automated PLC Controller
  • Production capacity of Batching Plant is 595m3/hour (Average 2,95,000 cft/day)
  • 24 high performing concrete pumps, with capacity of lifting concrete as high as up to 40th floor & one boom pump capacity 100 Cum/hr.
  • 24 hours non-stop production facility supported by 10 Diesel Generators
  • 93 brand-new Transit Mixture Trucks with 12m3, 9m3, 8m3, 7m3 & 6m3 capacity (Single trip can supply 26274 cft)
  • 22 cement silos having a total capacity of 2750 metric tons
  • Capable of producing high strength concrete as per the requirement of the customers
  • Well-equipped Concrete Research and Testing Laboratory located at each of the five units and at (U-1, U-2, U-3, U-6 and U-7)
  • All our plants are set up in proper design so as to avoid space problems
  • Arrangements of fresh water in all plants using deep tube-wells are ensured in all the plants
  • 85 bulk cement carriers, each having 25 metric tons capacity
  • 17 mini trucks to carry concrete pumps and pipes, 2 covered van for laboratory use
  • Own digital diesel filling station having storage capacity of 1,10,000 liters.
  • Weigh Bridge Scale for checking the measurement by weightCrown

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